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Dr. Reed is a Top 1% Provider of Invisalign, one of the only orthodontists in Colorado who has achieved this status.
Dr. Reed is proud to have achieved this distinction as a Top 1% Provider of Invisalign, meaning he is in the Top 1% of all Invisalign providers in the WORLD! This title exemplifies his expertise with Invisalign, ensuring that you receive the very best orthodontic results possible.
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At Reed Orthodontics, your local Aurora orthodontist often will take an“impression” of your mouth to formulate a plan to create a “Smile For A Lifetime”!

While necessary, the process of using impression material to gather a “mold” of your teeth, may not always be pleasant.This process of impressions is especially beneficial in creating an Invisalign treatment plan.Invisalign removable trays allow us to create a beautiful alignment of the teeth, without any attached braces!

Reed Orthodontics has always been on the lookout for new technologies to make the orthodontic experience more comfortable, pleasant, and effective.We are pleased to announce that we are among the very first offices in the country to offer the new state of the art digital scanner, ITERO Element. Now we can gather a mess-free, comfortable digital impression of your teeth using a small, gentle wand in just a few minutes.

With the precise 3D digital record of your mouth, your orthodontic team at Reed Orthodontics can create a customized smile treatment plan, just for you. Call us at 303-617-3333 or visit us at www.Reedortho.com to learn how we can use these impressive technologies to create a smile for you!

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Orthodontics is more than just crooked teeth and braces. There are many common problems we treat. Read below to learn more about them.
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