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Retainer Instructions

Take care of your beautiful smile by following these simple steps!
If the doctor instructs you to wear a retainer, it is vital to maintaining the results of your treatment. Without proper use, your teeth can shift back into their original positions, making all the effort that went into your treatment worthless. You don’t want that and we don’t want that, so make sure you follow the instructions correctly. Below are general instructions for retainer wearers.

  • Wear your retainer every night.
  • Clean your retainer carefully; do not use harsh agents, regular toothpaste will do.
  • Clean your retainer once a day.
  • Treat your retainer with care; it is more fragile than you realize.
  • If you are not wearing or cleaning your retainer, keep it in its case.
  • Keep your retainer away from animals; they like to chew on them.
  • Do not attempt to adjust your retainer yourself.
  • Bring your retainer to every appointment.
  • Do not wear your retainer when swimming.
  • Keep your retainer away from heat, including direct sun coming in through windows.
  • If you have a fixed retainer and something comes loose, contact us immediately.


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