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Emergency Care

True orthodontic emergencies are very rare, but when they do occur we are available to you.

Do orthodontic emergencies happen? Yes, but they are very rare. Should you experience a genuine emergency, know that we are here for you, either in office or through our after-hours emergency line. Below are some general instructions regarding emergency orthodontic care.
Signs of a True Emergency
If you experience severe pain, this is a sign that you have a significant problem. In general, orthodontic care will cause some soreness, depending on the method, but should not cause genuine pain. If you are experiencing pain that is not helped by OTC pain medication, call us immediately.
Lesser Emergencies
These emergencies are those that do need to be addressed, but you can treat at home until we are able to see you. Make sure you call us to schedule an appointment even if you are able to temporarily remedy the situation. Below are some lesser emergencies that may arise, and how you can treat them.

  • General Soreness: Use a salt-water rinse alone or in combination with your preferred OTC pain reliever.
  • Irritation from the Appliance: Apply dental wax to the area of the appliance causing the irritation.
  • Poking or Loose Wire: Use a pencil eraser to push it back into place and/or cover the end with dental wax.
  • Loose Bracket: If it is still on the wire, place wax on it to help hold it in one place. If the bracket comes off completely, wrap it in a tissue and bring it with you to the appointment.

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